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37% of us are single and handle our own expenses

But 73% of us have some type of outstanding debt or used a loan at some point over the past 12 months

AND Almost one third (31%) of us believe they have too much debt!

We have no one else to turn to but ourselves

and if there’s one thing our mission at CryptoChicks stands for, it’s that!

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We are here to make the complexities of finance simple to

bring you to financial stability and independence

Take a step in the right direction

What You'll Learn

Financial Essentials - How to Create a Budget

  • Sticking to Your Budget
  • The Most Effective Ways to Save Money
  • Managing Your Money for the Future

Optimizing your Bank Accounts and Credit Cards

Chequing Accounts

Saving accounts



Credit Cards Benefits

Levels to Investing

Short-Term (Savings, GICs)

Mid-Term (Short-Term Bond Funds)

Long-Term (Mutual Funds, Index Funds, Cryptocurrency)

How to use money apps the right way

Wealth Simple





Cryptocurrency - The way of the Future

Trading and Investing

Crypto exchanges – how to choose, how to safely use them,  

Storing your funds securely – wallets
Avoiding scams – popular schemes, how to recognize a scammer

So much more!

How Financially-Savy are you?

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This course is for women at any stage of life looking to learn how to improve their finances and earn extra income!

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There is tons of content for you to explore no matter where you are! Some content may be country-specific but we’ve made sure that no matter where you are, you only see the content relevant to you!

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