Raising Capital Successfully

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Raising capital: tips and tricks for funding your business idea or a startup

This course is for those who have an awesome business idea, but need funds to get it off the ground as well as those who have the established business and needs another funding round to move it forward. We will be giving you a guidance and information on the tools and sources of funding, The types of investors and how they operate

  • The funding stages for your business and how much you can raise in each stage
  • How to find the investor that is right for you and your business
  • Strategy to maximize your success with investors
  • What investors are looking for
  • How to build the winning Investor Pitch

Also the real treat:

• Airbnb investor pitch – the one that was presented at the beginning of their journey. You will be able to learn from their experience and success.

After this workshop we schedule a practice session to build your pitch deck with you.