Test Your Business Idea: Create Your Minimal Viable Product (MVP) without coding and funding

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Are you finally ready, and want to pursue the idea of your dreams, but have a lot of questions? How do I find out whether my idea is worth pursuing with? How do I find the tech co-founder or raise seed funding to build my first product? How do I do marketing and scale my business?

In this webinar, you will learn how to take any idea, validate it, and build an MVP without coding in 4 weeks. Become a better entrepreneur, a smarter startup founder, or a more profound product manager. Learn how experienced entrepreneurs come up with killer ideas and launch them with minimum time and money invested.

We then will have a practice sessions for you to get a guidance on the building MVP yourself with the hep of our mentors.

Who this workshop is for:

  • You have a startup idea, done research, ran surveys, confident that it’s a good idea, and want to find a tech co-founder or raise funding to build your first product
  • Entrepreneurs who have an idea or are in the middle of building a startup/product
  • Entrepreneurs wanting to build meaningful solutions to solve pressing real-life problems
  • Project managers who want to learn more efficient ways of rolling out new products or internal features
  • Anyone aspiring to be an entrepreneur
  • Anyone trying to mitigate risks associated with starting a new venture

What you will learn:

  • Rapidly test and validate a startup idea before spending money and resources to build a product
  • Understand the fundamental principles of lean startup and how it can be applied in practice
  • Proven methodology in quickly comparing ideas and picking out the one worth pursuing with
  • Learn practical and efficient ways to find potential customers on the internet using free resources
  • Proven methodology in running successful customer interviews and find out quickly whether they like your idea or not
  • Learn the ways to build high converting landing pages using free tools
  • Learn about guerrilla marketing to put your landing page in front of hundreds of potential customers for free
  • Understand the fundamentals of MVP testing
  • Be able to build your first MVP by yourself without any coding skills
  • How MVPs of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and other famous now companies looked like when they were a startups
  • CryptoChicks Hatchery MVP framework for the members