Blockchain Developer: How to Build A Decentralized App on Ethereum

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Have you ever wondered how blockchain development is different from traditional development? Decentralization is a whole new paradigm comparing to traditional object-oriented programming. Dive into building a decentralized application on Ethereum Blockchain. In this easy-to-understand workshop, we will cover smart contracts introduction, partial ERC20 tokens, remix IDE and Code Sandbox – Development Online Environments, and how to follow along with the tutorial on how to build Dapp. In this easy-to-understand workshop we will cover:

  • Smart Contracts introduction
  • Partial ERC20 tokens
  • Remix IDE and Code Sandbox – Development Online Environments
  • Follow along tutorial on how to build Dapp

The prerequisite course requirements are the following:

  1. Blockchain 101
  2. Ethereum Calls and Transactions
  3. Ethereum Gas Fees, Limits, and Prices Explained
  4. Smart Contracts Explained